Soft Launch Series 7 Video Course

I first started the Securities Licensing classes in Portland, Or. and Seattle, Wa. back in 1995 for Dearborn Financial (later Kaplan Financial). I scheduled, marketed and taught all the classes for Dearborn/Kaplan. I started with less then 5 students in each class back in the early days. Over 20 years later, now independent, I am really excited about where we are going with our new courses!

I would like to announce the soft launch of our Series 7 Video Course! For over 20 years, I have tried to present the Series 7 content in a way that everyone can understand. Now, with our video course, I have re-created my entire live class by putting the concepts into a context that make the Series 7 material easier to understand and retain. As always, I am right there with you every step of the way as we visually present all of the tricky material  of the Series 7.

Along with the video course, I've have included a comprehensive study guide of all of the testable content, as well as, one of the best Practice Finals I've ever written. Combined, I believe I have created a video course that feels as if you are in a live class!

We know! We've read those textbooks as well and know how difficult it is to digest all of that material. We sincerely hope, with our video course, we can help you get your life back by passing the Series 7 the first time.